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nike air max 1 cheap mens 2011 Northland winter escape has so touching, pattering rain , it is annoying !

Memory northern winter , there should be every now and then snow , cold wind . Even without snow every now and then , it should be loud sunny weather , bright sun wrapped in cold pressing , people enjoy what is the real winter cold . Available this winter , really let us have experienced a real winter baptism northerners bit disappointed.

This winter has given us , but it is endless gloomy sky nike air max 1 cheap mens , and as the rain pattering south of apricot season ! Even forgot northerners endurance test .

Morning, walking on the road cycling to work , pedestrians are always in a hurry . Or red, or yellow , or green poncho in twos and threes . Daini rain splashes shuttle car always make electric cars turn left , turn right . Drooping willow street , no longer enjoying the rain , it seems overwhelmed head low down, low down. The previous time , might well have shed leaves right ? It seems that even if only branches , but it is still not ignore the existence of life , because they see them, nike air max 1 cheap mens let us think of spring buds . But now , a lot of willow , still reluctantly kept in the branches , so warm in the winter , they can not refuse. Night of winter rain baptism, entrained -free cold winter wind , sometimes covered with a land still green willow did not retreat , nor can the stored energy to reduce the burden of willow respite , so listless downcast , downcast . Both sides of the fields , covered with blankets Barley can not sleep , they are no longer hungry , but also helpless to endure not disturb the normal rain .

Schools near, potholed Department has stocked water, but can not put people connected with the cold winter. Thus, to meet the call , they always say : 2012 really come yet ? Really?

With touches campus bleak winter , after all, is in the rain. Unlike the winter no matter how large or small the snow nike air max 1 cheap mens , these playful spirit always let kids jump for joy , excitement, let it boil on campus ! Although there is no heart they describe this strange winter rain , but also looking forward to the arrival of snow . Willow touches campus clean , bare silent in the rain to witness the growth of children , listen to what the past winter weight any different .

Rain , seems to live. Can still gloomy day . When thoroughly annoying winter rain left ?

One child in the north nike air max 1 cheap mens , with a sincere heart in praying , praying for the arrival of real winter ! ! Ready for a real baptism of cold ! ! !